Sunday, April 28, 2013

We are Writers!

Mrs. van Rees read the book, "Library Mouse" by Daniel Kirk a few weeks ago. We loved it! It is about a mouse named Sam who lives in the children's section of a library. Sam loves to read. One day he decides to write a book. He knows that all good authors write about what they know, so he wrote a book about himself. When he was done, he added it to the collection of books in the library and the next day the children found it and read it. This happens a few times in the library and the children become so curious to find out who the author is, they ask Sam to show himself to them. Instead, Sam creates small "mouse-sized" books and "mouse-sized" pencils and allows the children to see themselves as writers and gets them writing. Mrs. van Rees made us "mouse-sized" books and "mouse-sized" pencils and we were able to start writing our stories. This has been such a fun way to write! We have been writing ghost stories, stories about our families, stories about our favourite sports and so many more!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Building Structures

We have been collecting various sizes of boxes and paper towel rolls for the past week and today we got to build structures! Mrs. van Rees first had us draw a "blue print" of our structure and then today we were trying to build our structure to match. We learned that some of us had to change our initial drawing, as it couldn't be made as easily. We had such a great time building today. Here are a few pictures of our structures as we were creating today.