Sunday, June 16, 2013

Teaching Educreations

On Friday afternoon, we went to Miss Campbell's Kindergarten class and became teachers. We taught our Kindergarten friends how to use Educreations. Miss Campbell knew that we had used Educreations in the past and asked Mrs. van Rees if we could come and teach her students. She even called us "Digital Learners"!

We took pictures of things in the room that were big and small and then recorded our voice (or our kindergarten buddy's voice) to explain which object was big and small. Here's a few examples of our work.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Collaborative Writing with Ms. Lirenman's Class in BC

We finished the rest of the "Good News Bad News" stories today! It was such fun to work with another class (on the other side of the country) and create great stories together. Thanks for thinking of the book topic, Ms. Lirenman's class!

Here are the rest of the videos:

Make sure to check out our previous post for the other 2 stories.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good News Bad News Stories with Ms. Lirenman's Class

GOOD NEWS, we are starting to finish our "Good News Bad News"collaborative stories.

BAD NEWS, you can only watch 2 stories so far.

GOOD NEWS, the rest will be finished soon.

We'd love for you to watch/read our stories below. These stories are illustrated by Ms. Lirenman's class (in British Columbia) and the words (and title page) were written by us.

GOOD NEWS, Ms. Lirenman's class has finished their stories. You can watch/read them all here. In her stories, we created all the pictures and her class wrote the words.

Stay tuned for 5 more stories written by us. Hopefully they'll be up on our blog soon!