Thursday, October 24, 2013

Measuring Length

Our learning goal in Math has recently been to measure length. 

When measuring lengths of objects, we make sure to...

  • use the same tool to measure something.

Aiden is only using paperclips to measure his desk.

  • make sure that there are no spaces between the tool.

Kailey is putting centicubes right beside each other to measure.

  • make sure to start at the beginning of the object and measure all the way to the end.
Jayden made sure to measure the entire length of his desk.

  • try and keep a straight line.

Leeya is trying to keep a straight line of erasers to measure.

Following these rules we created, can you measure something at home?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Exploring Measurement

We have been exploring measurement this past week. At the beginning of the week, Mrs. van Rees put out a bunch of measurement tools for us to explore.

We really liked exploring with all the different tools. Some of us explored the balance scales, others filled up buckets with counters and some of us tried measuring ourselves with a metre stick. It was a great way to start our measurement unit by exploring all the different tools we can use to measure.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

We Like... Our First Class Book

On Thursday and Friday we created our first class book. One of our words of the week was "like" so we thought we'd write a story about all the things we like. Mrs. van Rees is going to bind the paper book so we can share it at home, but you can also listen and read our story through the movie we made. We used 'Explain Everything' to record our voices. We hope you like our first class book!