Words of the Week

Each week, we focus on 5 new words. We will practice these words throughout the week and then they'll go onto the word wall on Friday. On Monday, we'll get another new 5 words. There will not be spelling tests for these words, but the students are encouraged to practice reading and spelling these words at home on a regular basis so that they become automatic. Encourage your child to find these words in their home reading or other books when you're reading together. Encourage your child to spell these words correctly when they are writing at home. When your child is writing at school, I would expect that the word wall words would be spelled correctly.

I, to, is, a, and

in, the, me, you, it

am, see, for, on, he

was, mom, dad, all, my

big, at, up, like, am

can, we, she, be, look

so, that, went, for, said

from, have, go, of but

will, by, one, had, not

because, what, this, were, do

when, his, there, love, your

if, here, or, about, how

as, out, them, play, name

want, then, they, many, some

into, has, her more, no

with, him, are, time, two

day, make, who, first, now

made, over, did, down, little

very, after, just, where, most

Words This Week: know, girl, boy, going