Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wonder Wednesday Learning

Today we continued with our Wonder Wednesday, inquiry projects. We have been learning about a variety of topics and presenting/sharing our learning in a number of ways. Some of us have made posters, or used Explain Everything on the iPad, or made booklets. You can check out our blog here to see some of the projects we’ve created so far. 

After researching today, Mrs. vanRees asked us to join her on the carpet and share one thing we learned today. Here’s what some of us said...

A bald eagle is a symbol of the United States. - Katelyn
A Tyrannosaurus Rex spends most of his time hunting. - Hayden
An Iguanodon means iguana tooth. - Ali Q.
A female quarter horses have one baby at time. - Khloe
Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun. - Manush
Veterinarians use the same tools as human doctors. - Leah
Tyrannosaurus Rex hunts other dinosaurs. - Gracelyn

Monday, April 18, 2016

Our Wonders

Most of us have finished up our first wonder projects and have presented our new information with the class. We have learned a lot through our Wonder Wednesdays!

Some things we've learned so far:
  • Using non-fiction books to find information
  • Using PebbleGo to read and understand new facts
  • Creating sticky notes to write down new facts
  • Taking our information and creating a presentation
  • Choosing the best way to present our information (So far we've created posters, booklets and slideshows using Explain Everything)
You can check out our wonders on our blog:

Monday, April 11, 2016

Using Google Docs

Today we explored Google Drive again, but this time we used Google Docs and Read and Write to help us with our writing.

Once we had a google doc opened (from our classroom assignments) we had to insert a drawing that we got to create. After completing our picture, we needed to add the words to describe the picture.

Before we started on our own, Mrs. vanRees taught us how to use the microphone to record our thinking. For the most part, the computer was able to type exactly what we wanted to say. We needed to remember to speak clearly, but it worked really well - even with a 'not so quiet' classroom! 

Here are a few examples of our work today. We were allowed to draw what we wanted, as long as it was a picture (not just random lines or icons) and were able to talk/write about it.

How have you used Google Docs and/or Read and Write in your classroom?