Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Good News Bad News Writing Project

We have been working hard on an iPad writing project with Ms. Lirenman Grade One class from British Columbia. Our stories are based on the ideas from the book, "Good News, Bad News" by Jeff Mack. Both classes created pictures using iPads and then put them into a dropbox account. Mrs. van Rees downloaded Ms. Lirenman's class' pictures into the Photo Library on the iPad and we put them into iMovie and put words to the story.

Mrs. Lirenman's Grade Ones writing words for our pictures!

We are just finishing the final pages of the stories, then we'll put them onto our blogs. Mrs. Lirenman's class has finished some of their books. You can read them here:

Good News, Bad News: Story 1

Good News, Bad News: Story 2

Stay tuned for more 'Good News, Bad News' stories!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Building a Community

This week we built our own community on the floor of our classroom. Mrs. van Rees put tape on the floor for roads and we did the rest. We brainstormed different things a community needs and then each of us took a specific thing to create. Slowly our community started to look like a real (flat) community. Once we had buildings, we added in things like grass, parking lots, cars, stop lights, bridges, even closed roads due to construction.

Getting started!

Putting it together.

Placing the building in just the right spot in the community.

We've been really working together on this project. Today we blogged about it. Mrs. van Rees took pictures of different areas of the community we were interested in and we uploaded the pictures ourselves. Mrs. van Rees was super proud of how independent we are becoming in our blogs. You can read about community here on our blogs.

Our community!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Playing with Money

We have been learning about money lately. Our learning goals were to know how much each coin is worth and adding coins together up to 20¢.

Mrs. van Rees thought up the idea to create a store. We found items in the class and put different price tags on them. Then we pretended to be the store owner and the shoppers. It was a lot of fun buying and selling different items, but we also doing MATH at the same time!

Today we created "receipts" of the items we bought. Mrs. van Rees was the store owner and we had to give her the money. Once we paid, we filled in a sheet that was like a receipt to show how much we paid and how we paid it. Playing store and using money has been a great way to understand money and having fun while doing it!