Friday, August 17, 2012


Welcome to our Classroom Blog for Room 12, First Grade O.W.L.S!

This is our space to share what we are doing in our classroom with our families and other interested classrooms around the world.

Mrs. van Rees is our teacher and she will be organizing our blog to showcase our learning. If you have any suggestions for her, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Stay tuned for much more once our school year begins in September!


  1. Love your classroom pets! WE may get some for our class as well! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! Glad you are all sharing about your learning!

  2. Great stuff, Shamus loves the natural world and loves to tell stories about all the animals he learns about. He also goes to the Dunfries conservation area and spreads milkweed pods about so the monarchs have more food. I can see his excitement.,