Sunday, November 11, 2012

Math Stations

We started Math Stations this past week as we have begun to explore numbers. We are looking at different ways that we can represent numbers and different ways to count. We have been using ten frames and number charts to help organize our counting.

Mrs. van Rees gave us an iPod to start taking pictures of our work. She said that she was SO impressed with how we handled taking pictures of our work. Here are some of the pictures we took.

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  1. I really like your math stations. The one I like most is where you've sorted the number words, tens frame, digits, and tally's. I think all you need now is to have manipulatives showing the number in "things" too. How many stations do you have at a time? Does everyone do the same thing at the same time or how does it work? I love seeing all this great learning in your class. Ms. Lirenman, Grade One Teacher, Surrey, BC Canada