Friday, May 17, 2013

Building a Community

This week we built our own community on the floor of our classroom. Mrs. van Rees put tape on the floor for roads and we did the rest. We brainstormed different things a community needs and then each of us took a specific thing to create. Slowly our community started to look like a real (flat) community. Once we had buildings, we added in things like grass, parking lots, cars, stop lights, bridges, even closed roads due to construction.

Getting started!

Putting it together.

Placing the building in just the right spot in the community.

We've been really working together on this project. Today we blogged about it. Mrs. van Rees took pictures of different areas of the community we were interested in and we uploaded the pictures ourselves. Mrs. van Rees was super proud of how independent we are becoming in our blogs. You can read about community here on our blogs.

Our community!

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