Sunday, October 6, 2013

We Like... Our First Class Book

On Thursday and Friday we created our first class book. One of our words of the week was "like" so we thought we'd write a story about all the things we like. Mrs. van Rees is going to bind the paper book so we can share it at home, but you can also listen and read our story through the movie we made. We used 'Explain Everything' to record our voices. We hope you like our first class book!


  1. What a great "movie". We can't wait to see the book!

    1. Thanks for watching our movie! The book will come home to Clark soon! :)

  2. Mrs. van Reese and class I LOVE this book you've created with your students. You've inspired me to try to make one like this with my students. I'll have to show them this book. I'm curious, what was the best part of this project? What was the most challenging part?

    1. Mrs. van Rees' Grade One ClassOctober 7, 2013 at 12:49 PM

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    2. Thanks for your comments Ms. L!
      We really liked recording our voice the best. Some of us found that talking clearly was a challenge, some of thought it was a challenge to think of what we wanted to write.

  3. Dear Grade One Owls:
    I like how you wrote your ideas.
    I like your voices when you read.
    I like how my heart feels when I hear about your learning.
    I like you.
    Miss Campbell

    1. We like to you too, Miss Campbell. Thank you for your comments. We miss you!

  4. Grade One's I really enjoyed the book that you created! I LIKE your writing!

    Mrs. Matches

  5. Hi Grade One Owls,
    We liked reading your book
    We like to play video games too.
    We like your coloring. You had lots of fantastic ideas.
    We write in Writer's Workshop. When do you write?
    Mrs. LIssitchuk's Class and Mrs. Andrada