Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Identity Day

Today was Identity Day. Students from Grades 1 - 6 brought in items that represented themselves. We got to share our items with other grades as they came to our class and asked us questions. After talking and answering LOTS of questions, it was our turn to check out their projects in their classes. There were so many great projects and so many creative ways to present them!

Mrs. van Rees brought in some of her very favourite picture books. She said she would share these books with us throughout the year. We read Olivia while we were waiting for other classes to visit us in the morning.

Most of our class brought in items that were our favourite sport, favourite animal, favourite toy or about our families. Here are some pictures of items we created or brought in to share. Some of the items we brought in couldn't be put on our blog because they were photos of our families.

It was such a fun and exciting day! We sure were tired by the end of the day, but we're already looking forward to Identity Day next year.
If you had Identity at your school, what would you bring in?


  1. I have read about identity day before but I love how your class represented themselves so well. It makes me think that maybe I should do an identity day with my class... or maybe encourage my entire school to take part in identity day? Hmm.....

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ms. Lirenman

    1. Identity Day is a really great day to bring together your school and help create a community of learners together. It creates an atmosphere that helps us become more like a BIG family. It was great to interact and get to know the other students in the older grades as well as other friends in the primary grades.

      I would encourage you to try it out in your school! Maybe start with your class and then see where it can grow from there!

  2. Dear Mrs. Van Rees class,
    We like your blog. Who do the medals belong to? If we had identify day Demetrius would bring his Karate belt. How did you draw the bunny in the tutu? The tutu was funny. Violet would bring her teddy bear with a dress on if we had identity day. Matteson would bring her barbies with dresses on. Benito likes the WWE toys. Sarah would bring her big purple bunny. Thanks for sharing identity day with us.
    Mrs. Ruckes' Fanstic First Graders, U.S.A.

    1. Thank you for your comments! The medals were from Tyler's LaCrosse team. Julia drew the tutu on her bunny.

      Mrs. van Rees's class

  3. We love the idea of identity day. We have a lot of things in common with your class. Alex loves angry birds, Tyler loves wrestling, Mason really likes spiderman, and Jasmine thinks the picture of the family is really nice. We would love to talk to you sometime about the things we like.

    1. We would love to talk to you about the things you like! Maybe we find some time to chat about the things we have in common!

      Mrs. van Rees' Class