Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Primary Blogging Community

During the summer, Mrs. van Rees connected with other Grade One teachers through twitter.  While they were chatting about their new upcoming classes, they agreed how great it would be to connect with other classes around the world together. So, one of the teachers decided to organize a Primary Blogging Community.

For the month of October, we will be visiting 3 Grade One class blogs to see what they're doing in their classrooms in Grade One. As well, their classes will be visiting our blog! Each week, one class will be in the "spotlight".  We'll be able to leave comments and learn more about each class. When it's our turn, the other 3 classes will leave us comments and learn about our class!

Later on in the year, these same classes will explore our individual blogs and we will be able to read theirs. This will be something like digital pen pals! It should be a great opportunity.

The classes that will be in our blogging community are:

Mrs. Ruckes' Class (from Michigan, USA)

Ms. Ziemke's Class (from Chicago, USA)

Ms. Leech's Class (from Surrey, BC)

Mrs. Wideen's Class (from Windsor, Ontario)

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