Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Have you Filled a Bucket Today?

Today Mrs. van Rees read the story, Have you Filled a Bucket Today? It's a great book that talks about everyone having an invisible bucket. When our bucket is full we feel good, when it's empty, we feel upset. We want to be bucket fillers by saying nice things and being kind. We need to work hard at not being bucket dippers by being mean or rude. 

After the story, we talked about things we can say to help people feel good. We practiced this by writing each other put ups. It was a great morning of bucket filling!

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  1. Hi Grade One Owls,
    Thank you for sharing this book with us. We talk about kind ways we can talk to each other in our PAWS program. PAWS stands for Personal Best, Act Responsibly, Work and Play Safely and Show Respect. We like your idea about practicing this by writing put ups.
    Mrs. Andrada's Library Media Class